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  1. Joeheg
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    Glad you enjoyed the stay at the Ryokan. It is truly the quintessential Japan experience for us when we travel there. Reading about all the chain hotels on the other sites almost makes me feel sorry that people are missing out on things like this in search of upgrades and stay credits.

    We once stayed at a Ryokan in Mie prefecture on the coast of the Pacific. It was located right on a harbor where we could see the fishing boats docked. I know our meal was sourced right from those boats every day. It was a very seafood centric menu but now I can say I have tried raw lobster sashimi.

  2. John
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    Thanks. This is a very timely post for me as I have built in a 26-hour stopover in Nagoya with the sole purpose of visiting the Kiso Valley. I have an upcoming booking at Fujioto, and was also planning to walk the Nakasendo Highway between Tsumago and Magome.

    I will be traveling with two kids. My kids are experienced hikers, but they are still just kids. Was originally thinking I would walk half of the road between Tsumago and Magome since I read that some parts aren’t very scenic (and we also don’t have a lot of time).

    On which side of the bucket-list/tourist-trap spectrum would you rate the walk? What was your favorite part of the Nakasendo visit?

  3. James K.
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    Teachable moment: the “exception that proves the rule” doesn’t mean “Usually the rule is correct, but sometimes there’s an exception.” It means that if there’s a sign that tells you NO PARKING 12-2pm, you know that you are in fact allowed to park from 2:10pm to 11:59am. The exception, that there is no parking for two hours, has proven the rule

  4. luckywinner
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    I did a walk from Magome to Tsumago. It was very nice, not difficult (it’s a bit longish but absolutely not strenuous) but it was not a “must see”. Though it is a nice escape from Magome/Tsumago day crowds. You should not be disappointed with the walk but a night at Tsumago is a better experience than the walk.

    I also stayed in Fujioto and it is a marvellous ryokan. I stayed in a few ryokans in other parts of Japan and, though nice compare to network hotels, they were way below Fujioto.