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  1. Rebekah Henderson
    Rebekah Henderson at |

    I used to go to St. Barths in Feb every year in the 70s. Before it became the expensive place it is today. The first several times, the airport was a shed and immigration was a gendarme standing by a 55 gal oil drum. For a long time there was the remains of a plane the pilot of which had decided not to make the landing from the hill side, but tried to land from the sea. Couldn’t stop before the foot of the hill. It is a scary landing.

    We stayed at Baie de Flamands in a 60s style motel building. We had the entire beach to ourselves. When we needed more solitude, we could hike to Columbier through some Rockefellar holdings. Too expensive now, I’m afraid.

  2. GringoLoco
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    Now THAT is a birthday celebration! Congrats albeit belatedly…

  3. Steve
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    WOW what a great video and thanks so much for sharing. Brings back my landing in St Thomas in 1970 in a Pan Am 727 on a 4900 ft runway (100 feet over minimum).

    I hope you have been to Saba where they call their airport the “aircraft carrier” since the runway is only 1300 feet.