The new Hawaiian Airlines Safety Video is. . .

Boring. And not in the way that a traditional safety video is. Because it tries to be engaging by showing off the islands’ culture and the families of the crew. I like that. Except it really comes across as distracting and boring to me.

I do like the hula section, mostly because hula dancing is supposed to tell a story with the hand gestures and she does that pretty well. But for the other bits I find it to be mostly just distracting from the safety message.

Then again, part of the challenge is being hamstrung but the script required by the FAA which arguably focuses on the wrong things. Compared to, say, the new China Eastern video, which I think is an interesting presentation of relevant safety information for the current generation of travelers.


One of the stated goals of the video is to make passengers want to get out and explore the islands more. And I suppose that’s a good thing. But if they’re paying attention to the scenery then are they also ignoring the safety part?

Am I being too hard on them? Has the whole concept of the “cute” safety video jumped the shark anyways?

Oh, and there’s a contest to win a trip to Hawaii as part of the video launch:

In celebration of its new safety video, Hawaiian Airlines is holding a social media contest. Today through Sept. 18, the airline is inviting people to share their favorite location by posting a picture to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #HAOnLocation. Participants will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win 140,000 HawaiianMiles (U.S. residents only). Please visit for contest rules.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Personally, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful images of Hawai’i. It’s a better use of time than watching an FA show me how to buckle a seat belt.

  2. I’m glad they captioned it in Hawaiian for those that can’t read or understand English! LOL
    Nice video production but doesn’t do what it’s suppose to, I think it gets the attention but distracts from the safety information.

  3. I don’t think this is any different than the Delta video with the YouTube stars, or the United video traveling around the world…its just a cutsie saftey video.

  4. Agree with joelfreak, not much different from DL or UA. I liked it, although I felt like it could have been a bit more clever in the vein of the UA video. On the distracting comment, I think if the scenery were more congruous with the messages, it could have worked better. Walking across lava fields when saying no smoking could have been great, as could a woman running toward the water with a surfboard talking about water landings, but both missed an opportunity to be more clever. The hula/emergency exit bit was pretty great, though. I also appreciated the kids’ lines. That was pretty cute.

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