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  1. Nick
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    Looking at that contract – sure there was a big increase for the most junior pilots, but not really enough. $40 an hour is still pretty measly with the expense required to get those hours under your belt. I suspect $60-$80 an hour is closer to what one would need to be paid as a starting first officer. The pay increases at the top end of the scale weren’t fantastic either, but perhaps any pilot who hasn’t moved on from the regionals after 8 years doesn’t deserve much of an increase.

    In the end this is a fallout from the Continental crash in Buffalo a couple of yeas ago. We want cheap flights but we also want safe, but perhaps its turns out that safe costs a bit more money which means less for Jeff Smisek and company. And I can’t seeing them letting RJET fail?

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  3. Sherman Kensinga
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    The real canary in this coal mine are Great Lakes, Silver, Seaport, and other small ULCCs. They are shrinking fast as they lose pilots, pulling out of markets and parking airplanes. The canaries are already dying, Republic is the first of the regional level to show what happens when you ignore the early warnings.

    You did nail the real danger here: the resources needed are about to start retiring in large numbers, with no replacements. There are around 16,000 pilots at the regional level, and the major airlines are hiring around 3,000/year right now and increasing. With no new pilots coming in, the regionals will be shut down, along with half the domestic flying in the U.S.