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  1. iv
    iv at |

    I LOVE Porter! It’s such a great little airline. I always use them from New York to Toronto. It’s like business class experience at a discounted-economy fare! You get complimentary lounge access, wine, beer inflight snacks and light meals all at no extra charge. Plus the seats are soft leather.

  2. AndyTLe
    AndyTLe at |

    Seems like an interesting flight. I’d try it.

  3. ucipass
    ucipass at |

    WOW! I envy you database and your sources. Can I work for you? 😉

  4. Ed
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    Great research!!

    I wonder what took place in Porter’s strategy discussions for them to think that they’d be competitive on this route. A slow propeller aircraft and only once per week service would seem to put them at a incredible disadvantage. The only advantage I can think would be to winter residents of Melbourne itself who would rather fly directly to their hometown rather than drive an hour from Orlando.

    1. AdamH
      AdamH at |

      I wonder the same thing. You are quite a ways out from Orlando, although if you are going to be staying for at least a week until the return flight, perhaps the long drive isn’t terrible. I do think they have to imagine a big chunk of the travelers are folks who have second homes or timeshares out along the coast in the Melbourne area.

  5. Steven
    Steven at |

    I don’t know if they’re still flying it nonstop with the Q-400 or not, but a couple of years ago Ethiopian was flying the Q-400 on one of its ZNZ-ADD flights. That one is 1,045 and we both know somebody who has flown it on that equipment.

    1. Steven
      Steven at |

      Yeah, when I posted that comment last night I looked and didn’t see it. At the time they were flying it with the Q-400, they were flying two flights a day, one on the prop and the other alternating between a 767 and 787. Talk about a difference in equipment on the same route.

      Now it looks like they’re operating it as a one-stop service via JRO with the 787.

  6. willy
    willy at |

    My guess is that the head of the port authority of Toronto has a house near Melbourne.

  7. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    Just curious, but where do you get your information about airlines flying certain aircraft on certain routes. I try to keep up with this information as much as possible, but with the daily changes around the world it’s impossible to keep up!