SyncAssist for Multiple Accounts

Following on yesterday’s post about making SyncAssist work again for a single Twitter account/AmEx card via IFTTT here’s some help in making it work for multiple accounts via TwitterFeed. Including screen shots and stuff. Added bonus: No need to be a paid subscriber to my tools site for this anymore.

First, you need an account on TwitterFeed. Once you have an account log in and choose to “Create New Feed” in the dashboard view.


Name the Feed (I’m a fan of “SyncAssist”) and add the feed URL:

Click on Advanced Settings and adjust the values as shown in the screen below (ones in red are non-default):


After you’ve saved the feed you get the option to select how you want to publish the content. Click on Twitter in that screen.


Click on the giant “Authenticate Twitter” button to link each Twitter account to your TwitterFeed account. Make sure you’re switching/logging out of Twitter correctly for each iteration.


Once you’re done with adding all the Twitter accounts you should see a list more like this:


And then click “All Done!” and, well, you’re all done.

I do not have enough AmEx cards to test this fully myself, but it should work out well.

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