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  1. UnLuCkY
    UnLuCkY at |

    What do you want to bet feels were copped while stuffing them in the bins?

  2. Sahir Siddiqui
    Sahir Siddiqui at |

    LOL. “There’s tons of space up in the bins” – yes, I bet everything is hunky dory until they close the bins with you in it!

  3. Suzanne
    Suzanne at |

    For heaven’s sake! How insensitive can you get! You’re a man, so you probably haven’t had the experience of being groped, which is no doubt exactly what’s happening to these women as they’re being stuffed in the overhead bins. Plus the whole point is that it’s against their will. They aren’t given any choice about being stuffed in a bin – and the lid undoubtedly closed – unlike you, grinning away after you had voluntarily climbed in. NOT the same thing at all. What’s your point here? The bins are large so this isn’t harassment? I would have expected better from you and as a regular reader I’m disappointed.