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  1. DWT
    DWT at |

    With more differentiation, I could see DL eventually making adjustments to the upcharge for Comfort+ (right now they seem to be more reasonable than say, United for Econ+), as well as what elites get (free vs. discounted upcharge depending on status, timeframe for free access, etc.) That being said, until the seat width is changed, it can’t compete with the real W-class premium economy cabins on BA, VS and AF across the atlantic, and NH, JL, CX and SQ on transpac, so I’m not sure DL could successfully sell it as a different cabin.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    This is Delta working on another enhancement to SkyMiles – once all the curtains are installed, they’ll rename this to Premium Economy, thus restricting economy class ticket holders (you can only upgrade once class!) to PE. Then they will only allow economy passengers to upgrade to PE on partners – effectively eliminating J class upgrades from coach in the SkyMiles program…. Hell, that will be so popular, they might even rename SkyMiles to SkySmiles!

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