JetBlue asks if you’re feeling Human? Kinda??

I don’t remember the last time I saw an airline as the producer of a short film but JetBlue apparently had some marketing budget left over for the end of 2015 so that’s what happened. The short is titled HumanKinda and it is a comedy documentary (such things apparently exist) focused on what happens when people get too busy and forget to enjoy life. And it is definitely funny.

Of course, odds are you’re too busy to spend the 15 minutes to watch the piece, but try to find some time; I really enjoyed it.

At one point in the film host Sam Richardson tries to give away flights to Puerto Rico to passersby on the street in NYC. He finally manages to convince one couple to do it but only one. And that’s after a lot of trying. I want to believe that if he asked me I would have taken the tickets and run off to the beach. But even in my semi-peripatetic state I’m not sure I’d manage to do so.

As for why the company paid for the movie, there are a few theories. Jamie Perry, vice president of brand and product development at JetBlue, offers up the idea that it about wanting people to reflect more on decisions they’re making and to carve out more time for themselves in the daily grind:

We are presenting this film to stimulate more conversation about busyness, and further our mission of inspiring humanity. We hope to inspire viewers to pause and reflect on where they’re putting time and energy, and take steps toward living their life to the fullest.

And I suppose that taking a bit of a break to buy an extra plane ticket and go on vacation rather than working so much probably isn’t a bad idea either.

Added bonus: I was invited to the premier party last week and actually got to hear the entire dirty joke scene in person. Completely worth it.

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Seth Miller

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