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  1. Pizzaman
    Pizzaman at |

    Yeah, I went through that process in ORD quite recently as well. Can’t say I thought it was a big change (and, as you say, there may have been more changes since then). But, I am encouraged that they’re trying things to see if they can make improvements.

  2. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    So, what about the process was actually different? I’ll be ex-ORD Monday morning, so will try to swing by B8 if I have time.

  3. Pizzaman
    Pizzaman at |

    Call it the “Southwest-ification” of the boarding process. Essentially, more lines for more boarding groups. As Seth said, it got a bit crowded. Mine was a flight to IAD on a 737/A320 is aircraft and the lines stretched out into the concourse.

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  5. Brian
    Brian at |

    I am not a fan of United – AT ALL. But I think that it’s current boarding process is better than AA or DL. Southwestification isn’t all bad and UA was already headed in that direction. All three airlines have problems with gate lice. Because UA already had the different areas for Group 1, Group 2, etc., it gave the various classes of Gate Lice a place to stand and line up (which people did). At both AA and DL, all non-elites are grouped into the same category and they hover around the gate area in an ever tightening Rugby scrum. This tends to block both the elite boarding area and the non-elite boarding area too as the signage isn’t intuitive for infrequent travelers at all. You might have a Group 4 with delusions of grandeur hovering around the front with his two spinner bags blocking everyone’s path because they don’t know that they’re in the very last boarding group. While the UA method does lack a certain dignity and you do feel almost like you are waiting to get on the bumper cars at the fair, it is more intuitive and might actually result in quicker boarding.

  6. Mike
    Mike at |

    I just flew UA on a NRT-SIN segment last night in F. They called GS and Military – then Group 1…no First. So we wound up on a line about 40-50 deep to board. I don’t fly UA (it was a *A award) but I was stunned that they treat F boarding the same as both Biz and (I assume) status customers. It’s a totally weird way to run an airline. After that little performance I feel comfortable I’m on the right track continuing to give OW the bulk of my revenue based premium cabin business overseas.

  7. stacey
    stacey at |

    here in asia flights aren’t all paradise, but the boarding frenzy/scramble for overhead bin space/militaristic airline personnel on US flights never fail to amuse/frustrate … maybe US flights should also begin enforcing weight & size limits for carry-on baggage. as for the boarding frenzy, UA can talk to SQ, NH, CX … learn from the experts.

  8. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    FYI, I was at ORD yesterday morning and walked by B8 as I exited PreCheck. Looks like they’ve reconfigured it for this week, with group 3-4-5 boarding off to the left of the desk and running parallel to the windows, and groups 1-2 to the right.

    They have much longer boarding lanes for groups 3-5. The irony, of course, is that groups 1-2 are often much larger!