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  1. MarkM
    MarkM at |

    NIMBY? YTZ opened 1939 and nowhere near anyone’s backyard.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    So could Porter operate the C-series elsewhere in its network besides YTZ, if that agreement nevers get re-opened?

  3. CP@YOW
    CP@YOW at |

    It may be true that some lobbying happened at the federal level, but it is also because Toronto helped the Liberal Party (LPC as mentioned in the tweet) gain its majority with a sweep of central Toronto districts. (Under the parliamentary system, the government is formed by what in the US would be a majority of the House of Representatives). So if this was a part of their platform (as stated), they are unlikely to change. I’m more surprised that they had it in the platform; it would be more normal in Canadian politics to support Bombardier, as the Quebec government is doing.

    As an aside, I think it’s really cool that the new transport minister is a former astronaut (first Canadian in space).

    1. Ang
      Ang at |

      You saying that Quebec didn’t help the LPC get its throne? and what does a spaceman knows about transport….