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  1. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    DoJ seemed (to my non-expert eye at least) to come on strong at first against the US-AA tie-up, then eventually acquiesced with some minor concessions. Do you think the Feds will stay the course with this one through the end of the process, or cave in exchange for some partial settlement?

  2. Mark
    Mark at |

    I love travel bloggers that become armchair quarterback anti-virus lawyers. Gary Leff is an airport security expert (with no formal security training). You question airport concentration statistics. Can I ask about your qualifications to question the measures used?

    1. Dave
      Dave at |

      Mark, if ya don’t like what ya read on a blog, don’t read it. It’s a *blog* – not a news article. He can write his opinion regardless whether there is anything to back it up.

    2. Nick
      Nick at |

      Blogging pretty much requires armchair quarterbacking by definition. On the whole I find this stuff more interesting than another trip report about some first class lounge along with thinly veiled pimping of credit cards – not that I hate on those blogs.

  3. GringoLoco
    GringoLoco at |

    Um, is the cost of delays $81/minute as stated in the post or $81/hour as stated in your comment above?

    Personally (and I admit to being nothing more than an avgeek), I believe the $81/minute is probably about right. Fuel burn sitting in the line-up + payroll costs for the crew (the doors are presumably closed) might even be higher than that.