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  1. Nick
    Nick at |

    I feel United has strategically failed in Denver. It has basically failed to protect its position as the dominant carrier. Instead WN has grown and is the airline of choice for many business flyers because the only other option is a United RJ.

    The city is growing rapidly, has a healthy economy and is now attracting more interest from other airlines. United could be in a much stronger position and could have what is much closer to a fortress hub there by now. Yes they may have had to endure some pain, but a fortress hub in a growing city can mean a big payoff years or even decades in the future. Delta gets this with Seattle. So Denver’s future is looking more like LAX than SFO or EWR, which is good for Denver flyers, not so good for United.

  2. Darlene
    Darlene at |

    I and my daughter flew Virgin for the first time from SFO to SAN a month ago. We enjoyed it. I had already booked my daughter flights home on United this week and Southwest over the holiday break. She said she hated her United flight and asked me to please place her on Virgin from now on.

  3. Mark Gateley
    Mark Gateley at |

    I’m hoping that this gemerates some sub $400 dates to Hawaii. I’m not sure that UA is that interested in defending that market though.