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  1. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    This Is nonsense. The efb had very little to do with anything. It’s a tool. Nothing more. The decision making process of the pilots is the issue. They went against what their own flight computer told them. They accepted a intersection takeoff. I fly a Cessna and I almost never accept an intersection. Why not use all of what’s their? Runway behind you is worthless!

    The post is nonsensical, as is Quatars report if it puts the blame on the efb. Nothing more than a way to deflect blame from the pilots REALLY poor choices.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    The thought of a 777 bound for a 7500 mile journey filled to the brim with fuel taking any type of intersection departure on any runway for any reason is down-right scary. I know MIA like the palm of my hand and if I were on that flight and saw us departing from Runway 9 T1 I would have shit my pants! AMAZING that they made it off ok. that leaves less than 9000 feet for a fully loaded 777, only because of MIA being at sea level did they make it off.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Regardless of the technology in play here, shouldn’t the pilots have seen the runway distance markers (for lack of a better term – I don’t know what they’re actually called – but the big lighted “9,” “8,” etc on the side of each runway in the US that shows how many thousand feet are remaining) to just visibly see that they were starting at ~9,000 feet instead of 13,000?

    1. Ryan
      Ryan at |

      Yep good points all around. Yes, they should have seen the runway length markers which makes me think they made a conscious decision to proceed. Maybe there was a delay and by taking off at the intersection they could get going faster? I’m not aware if that was the case or not.

      And Seth, I get your point. I just don’t absolve the pilots from a bad decision – which they made. They got lucky. Thankfully.

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