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  1. JohnnieD
    JohnnieD at |

    My wife and I visited New Zealand back in Sep 2014 which included an overnight in Christchurch. Whenever we talk about visiting New Zealand we always think of how haunting it was walking around the container mall and the destroyed bus station.

  2. SAN Greg
    SAN Greg at |

    We visited Christchurch about 10 years ago and stayed at the Crowne Plaza and Millennium hotels. Like your stay ours was also subpar overall. The one area that still stands out though was the club room food and breakfast. A lovely young lady named Rose waited on us every morning and she was wonderful. Although the hotel was not destroyed the cost to refurbish would have been quite high and the decision to do so was on the fence. Sad to know that it has been razed. It would be eerie to us as well. PS – Loved the little nature park called Willowbank. Worth a visit if time permits!