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  1. Graham
    Graham at |

    Hey Seth,
    Thanks for the tools. Quick question….about to signup for a first class membership, but got a notification that the form you’re using to take credit card info is not using a secure connection….not a deal breaker, but curious if you had plans in the near future to implement that? Cheers.

  2. Graham
    Graham at |

    Cool, like i said, not a big deal. Just curious

  3. dawn
    dawn at |

    Hi Seth,
    Do you have a tool that searches for Cathay First availability on AA?

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    To ignore alerts for the the wet lease, assuming we just have to call out the exact flight # we’re looking for?

  5. topsyturvy
    topsyturvy at |

    Seth, is it me or is there not Etihad Guest First availability at all February onwards? There used to be plenty of advance availability on the Jet Airways planes as I recall.

  6. Bas
    Bas at |

    Hi Seth,

    I’m subscribed to the first class service but to me the Etihad link keeps redirecting me to the start page of the award search. Any idea what I do wrong?

  7. dan
    dan at |

    Getting alerts for all the flights that day (not just the one I picked) and for all award levels even though I only picked first…

  8. Justin
    Justin at |

    Is ANA/*A gone now?

  9. Lance
    Lance at |

    Hi Seth – would like to confirm the search tool for oneworld includes CX availability?