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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    Airbus may be throwing a bone –
    There are 3 incomplete A380s for bankrupt Skymark. ANA is taking the 3 completed planes as a part of their deal to acquire the assets of Skymark. As long as Delta owns 49% of Virgin Atlantic, those 6 may never be delivered to Virgin. Then there is Amedeo (formerly Doric) Leasing which after two years, has yet to find a leasing customer for their A380’s. So there you have it, 29 questionable deliveries on the order A380 order book.

  2. jamesb2147
    jamesb2147 at |

    Capital access.

    Is it possible that this project has been in the works for years and was put on hold when the banking sanctions went into effect? Could this have even been a bargaining chip in negotiations with France for their support?

  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    Please do not sound like you are an expert in foreign policies, economic policies etc.
    Stick to blogging (writing airline and hotel reviews). You have no insight into any country’s finances, goals or ambitions.

    1. Zachary
      Zachary at |

      Agree this blog keeps going off on tangents.

  4. Glen
    Glen at |

    As I said on twitter the other day as you have said yourself Seth. Nothing is firm yet and I don’t believe a word the Iranians say I am sure this is window dressing. 8 A380s that is a huge number of extra seats for a country like Iran. The money? I am sure they can borrow that but filling those A380s with Pax I think not