Longing for longer flight delays

Update: I’m an idiot and got the comp rules backwards. I don’t get paid even if we do hit 4 hours (last time I did this in a similar scenario it was an EU member carrier). What a waste. At least there was the pigeon. 
Today’s itinerary has me en route from Bangkok to Rome. I took the connection in Delhi because the price was right and I was excited to try out Air India’s 787 and business class product. Also, the flight times were pretty good. Yeah, the departure from Suvarnabhumi was earlier than I was happy about the morning after a wedding celebration, but at least that schedule change came a couple months in advance. Unlike the one I learned of this morning.


It seems that the Delhi to Rome flight has been “retimed” which is Air India’s code for delayed by 3 hours and 55 minutes. The agent says the delay is because the inbound aircraft is late coming in from Amritsar but that flight was well after the original scheduled flight so I know something else is afoot, though the agents aren’t really saying much and, quite frankly, I don’t care enough to press the issue right now. What I do hope, however, is that the delay extends.

Yup…I want my flight to be even more delayed. Because right now all I get out of this is a surprisingly good meal in the food court (which I paid for as I didn’t want to deal with fighting with the agents for vouchers over $10) and getting to listen to a jackhammer out in the terminal area, even sitting in the decidedly mediocre lounge. But if we’re 4 hours delayed – just 5 minutes longer than what is currently scheduled – we each get 600 euro in compensation. At least that’s what is supposed to happen. I have no doubt that the airline will fight on the comp, possibly even suggesting that the flight is “on time” for the new schedule despite only changing that a few hour ago.

We’ve already lost out on dinner in Rome tonight so I’m actively rooting for the delay to grow just a wee bit. Obviously I still want to get there and get to our room and sleep in a real bed and get to explore the city all week. But maybe 10 or 15 minutes more delayed to pay for the trip would not be so bad.

At least I have this pigeon hanging out with me in the lounge (at least 3, really, but only one willing to pose for photos).


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  1. Sorry to disappoint but you won’t get anything as this compensation only applies for EU community carriers flying TO Europe from a third country — you would get money if you would be flying Air India FROM Rome to Dehli but not the other way around

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