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  1. Dave
    Dave at |

    The “slowly growing Seattle hub” really can’t grow any more without a new International Arrivals Facility – the current setup gets jammed at peak times, and passengers often have to wait in the aircraft while the backlog gets cleared.

    Construction was going to start last year, but Alaska has been blocking financing for the project, and, as the dominant carrier in Seattle, can probably continue to do so.

  2. Sean
    Sean at |

    Delta crying again? Color me shocked…

  3. Erik B
    Erik B at |

    Any idea how this affects JAL? For example, they have a Haneda-SFO flight that operates in those awful night time slots. Will they be able to move it as well or only the US carriers?

  4. Mrp Alert
    Mrp Alert at |

    Interesting.. A few days ago UA schedule changed my nh coded UA operated Nrt & hnd flights to UA coding.

  5. rj
    rj at |

    I know LAX is a bigger market for AA but if AA is trying to feed traffic through the West Coast total flying time to HND is about an hour less from SFO or SJC (less the extra 20 minutes to fly from ORD/JFK to Northern CA vs LAX).

  6. Corey
    Corey at |

    I think I’m the only person who prefers NRT. The Keisei Skyliner train is easier to navigate and is less than an hour to Ueno station right downtown, and is never crowded.