[Quick Take] Gogo goes to China with 2Ku

Gogo's 737-500 test plane with the little hump in the back to support 2Ku service

Quick Take:

China is a massive market in every way, shape and form. The aviation sector there is growing like crazy; China represents the most significant market for new aircraft deliveries in the coming decade and it seems inevitable that a fitting with in-flight internet service will soon be expected. But doing business behind the Great Firewall is all sorts of complicated.

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CHICAGO, March 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Gogo (NASDAQ: GOGO), the global leader in providing broadband connectivity solutions and wireless entertainment to the aviation industry, announced today that it has signed a term sheet with Beijing based Shareco Technologies to install its 2Ku in-flight connectivity technology on 50 commercial aircraft for Shareco’s airline partners, including Hainan Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines.

Gogo's 737-500 test plane with the little hump in the back to support 2Ku service
Gogo’s 737-500 test plane with the little hump in the back to support 2Ku service

This is the largest announced in-flight connectivity deal in China and the first airline deal for Gogo in China. In addition to in-flight connectivity, Gogo will also provide its wireless in-flight entertainment solution – Gogo Vision – for Shareco to install on these aircraft.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Shareco to deliver in-flight connectivity to passengers in China,” said Gogo’s president and CEO, Michael Small. “2Ku was built on the premise of being able to deliver an experience similar to what passengers experience on the ground all over the world including the Chinese market. Gogo will help assure that Shareco is at the leading edge of in-flight connectivity technology today and in the future.”

Beijing Shareco Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leader at providing in-flight entertainment and connectivity related services to Chinese and international commercial airlines. Gogo and Shareco will work together on necessary regulatory approvals to install the technology on these aircraft. The goal is to install all 50 aircraft within two years following execution of a definitive agreement.

“Shareco is a high-tech company dedicated to building an ecosystem in the cabin that will create unique in-flight experiences which will benefit both airlines and passengers,” said Pan Yunbin, CEO of Shareco. “We have been looking for great partners to find the best that can customize in-flight connectivity and in-flight entertainment solutions, as well as other things the passengers may be interested in. We believe that Gogo, as a pioneer in this field, is one of the best at providing these services.”

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    1. Other providers operating in China today are stuck behind the “Great Firewall” just like other terrestrial operators. So assume that the same requirements/restrictions would apply IMO.

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