Introducing Coach Confidential!

I’m incredibly happy (if not a bit delayed) to announce a new, weekly column I’m writing for Runway Girl Network: Coach Confidential. The content focuses on the passenger experience for “regular” travelers in the broadest sense of the term, ranging from the ticket purchase process to airports, seats, catering, connectivity and more. It it not just trip reports and not just reporting on press releases; I fly a lot of miles every year in coach and this is one of the ways I hope to share those experiences with readers in a more “news-y” manner.

Introducing Coach Confidential at RGN
Introducing Coach Confidential at RGN

As for the part about being delayed in announcing the effort, well, that’s because it is already a week old. The first story went online last week. While in Asia around New Years I sampled a number of different short-haul LCC offerings, including trying the pre-order meals from Thai Air Asia. By which I mean eating eight (8!!) of the entrees over two hour long segments in order to get a broad sample of what the company is doing with meals these days.

My tray table runneth over, eating 4 meals at a time on Thai Air Asia flights.
My tray table runneth over, eating 4 meals at a time on Thai Air Asia flights.

So head on over to RGN and check out the new Coach Confidential section. We’re going to have a lot of fun there.

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