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  1. David Huberman
    David Huberman at |

    That’s great and all, but last time I was at FLL, there was a serious shortage of public restrooms. One terminal had all the gates serviced by 2 toilets in the men’s room. (I didnt go in the ladies’ room!) Like many, I prefer to use the restroom BEFORE getting on a plane (to avoid using the plane lav if I can), and FLL makes that very difficult.

  2. Flyer
    Flyer at |

    Agree 100%. I’m B6 Mosaic, and transit FLL frequently, and that terminal needs a better layout. Bathrooms are far an few between. Gate seating is packed when flights are all operating same time in the morning. There is absolutely no quiet spot to sit and relax there. If JetBlue plans to run 140 daily flights out of there, they need a lounge option and more ample facilities in general.