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  1. Justin Shea
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    Your comment about the Government of Turkey’s suppression of news is misplaced if you take it from a tourist’s standpoint. I visited Istanbul for several days in November and had a flawless experience (yes, there have been two suicide bombings in Istanbul since, but I don’t see that as an extreme threat to tourists if you take the right precautions). Nothing to me indicated censorship of news, at least not news concerning me as an American visiting Turkey. In fact, there were violent Taksim Square protests while I was there which were reported on the news an hour or so later. Furthermore, foreign outlets regularly report news from Turkey which is a fine way to stay “informed” (and you can read all the New York Times and CNN you want while in Turkey – it’s not like they censor websites).

    If you use your eyes and ears, you will be fine 99.9% of the time. If we live in fear, we do an injustice to ourselves and to Turks whose warmth and hospitality exceed them. Plus, with tourism down in Istanbul, there are bargains to be had and fewer crowds, which contributes greatly to the experience.

  2. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    You could probably say there have been three TATL cuts this year from DL, if you count ATL-DXB.

  3. Erik
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    Wasn’t this a historical route that Delta acquired the rights from Pan Am?