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    Loved the newest episode, but then again I love most of them. You guys could talk about this stuff for hours and I would gladly listen to it all.

    A note about the battery though. A 100Wh lithium-ion battery is about the size of two decks of cards and weights about 2 lbs. So it’s not like it’s a huge battery, but I get that any fire is a problem when flying. If they wanted, they could swap it out for an old Ni-CAD or NIMH design and it would only add about 1-2lbs and then they wouldn’t have all the oversight. So it may be one of those things where they initially use lithium and if somebody has a problem with it they can quickly switch it out for something else.

    But there is another option. About 98% of Lithium batteries are Lithium Ion Cobalt batteries and when heated or punctured they explode or catch fire. But you can also get Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. they cost a little more than Lithium Cobalt because not as many are made and they have a slightly lower energy density, but they will not explode or catch fire unless they get up to 6000 degrees Celcius and at that point the plane has other problems. So keep in mind that when manufactures talk Lithium, they might be talking about the safer kind.