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  1. Dave
    Dave at |

    It’s funny because I would have expected this more on the BOS-LGA route vs LGA-DCA, especially given B6’s recent announcement. I’m frankly surprised AA hasn’t gone every-other hour on BOS-LGA, as the loads are 50% or less on most flights but Mon AM, Fri PM and holiday weeks. AA’s BOS-DCA is a big money maker, and I’d be shocked to ever see that have service cuts, though.

  2. Tom
    Tom at |

    @Dave, Acela is more competitive on the LGA-DCA route. From downtown to downtown, it is usually a tie unless you are on the 6am or 7am shuttles. I think that is why the reduction here and not to BOS.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    From an airline nerd perspective, I’ve always been partial to AA’s shuttle service, because they are scheduled exactly on the hour, as opposed to the :59 that you see with DL. Just something very clean about seeing 14-16 flights a day every hour, exactly on the hour!