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  1. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    If it hadn’t been for Delta owning the City of Atlanta’s officials, I would have had Atlanta’s second airport practically in my back yard …

  2. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    Yes, Delta is acting petulantly. However, perhaps the Fox could have made a quick call to their largest benefactor knowing full well that Dekta and Qatar are now bitter(and childish) rivals?
    Also, the event in Seattle is not the Alaska Airlines Pride Parade. Nothing is stopping anyone, even ALK employees, from marching.
    Perhaps the group who sold out to make Delta the “exclusive” sponsor should shoulder part of the blame for their myopic money grab?
    All that said, Delta’s acts are a bit passive-aggressive too.

  3. Matt Lindenberg
    Matt Lindenberg at |

    I dunno…if “Coke at the Fox” threw a private Dr. Pepper party, should Coke sit back?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Even if the plan is to not renew as a result of such a move the way in which Delta did it is immature and unprofessional IMO. I see it a bullying, not business.

  4. Hick K Son
    Hick K Son at |

    So childish for an airline to do that

  5. David Conklin
    David Conklin at |

    Have they banned J-Lo as well?

  6. Benet Wilson
    Benet Wilson at |

    It’s just gotten out of hand.

  7. howie ray
    howie ray at |

    I really can’t stand DL. No idea what’s going on down there.

  8. Thi-Thi Gastrock
    Thi-Thi Gastrock at |

    Delta holds grudges and will never forget. Delta hates American/US Airways ever since the hostile takeover attempt which started the ‘Keep Delta, My Delta’ movement. And now that AA and Alaska are tight partners, Alaska is also the enemy. I’m not surprised at Delta’s reaction to a ME3 party celebrating a new route into ATL.

  9. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    This is really frustrating to me. Delta, while acting like a child, is not the only bad guy here (and incidentally, if they wanted to prevent this, they would’ve included in their contract with Fox something similar to what you mention in Seattle). Yes, Qatar has clearly made it’s goal to poke Delta in the eye – and they are doing a fantastic job.
    But the key part in Fox’s statement: “As we are not in tune with the industry politics of our sponsors,” – You can’t tell me that any organization that wants to keep sponsors, doesn’t understand the environment that their sponsor works in. It is stakeholder 101, and for that, shame on Fox Theater (or at least their PA/Fundraisers).

    1. Trevor
      Trevor at |

      Well, this is embarrassing – I meant to say “Stakeholder Management 101” – not “Stakeholder 101”

  10. LJR
    LJR at |

    In my opinion, this Delta flexing their muscle, as they like to do, aka Korean Airlines as a SkyTeam partner being in Group 4. Delta wanted a JV and Korean said no, so Delta punished them. While that didn’t make much noise as this recent muscle flexing, Fox, and the marketing mistake in Seattle. Delta does look a little childish and “feelin’ their oats” in these latest article.

    Time will tell if this is just a few isolated events or if this behavior will increase.

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  12. Tonei Glavinic
    Tonei Glavinic at |
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