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  1. Sam
    Sam at |

    Seth, do you think this could just be retaliation for DL launching RDU-EWR?

  2. Mike Denoff
    Mike Denoff at |

    Glad to see UA hit back at DL!!!

  3. Mike Denoff
    Mike Denoff at |

    You don’t mention, but this appears to be a response to DL’s addition of EWR-RDU

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yeah, but that’s a silly reason to do it. Especially when DL has some (though not a ton) of connectivity at both ends and UA has nil.

    2. Mike Denoff
      Mike Denoff at |

      Didn’t say it wasn’t silly. Always enjoy watching any airline take a swipe at DL

  4. Mark
    Mark at |

    Disappointed that UA didn’t invite you into their planning meetings.

  5. John Klein
    John Klein at |

    I asked UA for CLE-RDU ?✈️

    1. Brian Lynch
      Brian Lynch at |

      Right after YROC – PDX ???

    2. Greg Plante
      Greg Plante at |

      I believe you have your answer

  6. Craig Lowdermilk
    Craig Lowdermilk at |

    GOOD, mayb now when those cheap fares from NYC-Europe happen It won’t cost an arm and leg for stagging

    1. Jacob Jou
      Jacob Jou at |

      oh it will still cost a ton. unless you buy them as separate tickets of course 😉

    2. Craig Lowdermilk
      Craig Lowdermilk at |

      Jacob Jou always separate-adds to CO club funds

  7. Ed
    Ed at |

    They could’ve leased slots from other carriers right? Doesn’t VX have a few unused LGA slots?

  8. Bruce Margon
    Bruce Margon at |

    Maybe the current Port Authority head bought a house in Rayleigh? 🙂

    1. Susan DeBruhl
      Susan DeBruhl at |

      Nope – he is still down here in Aiken 😉

  9. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    Come on UA LGA hub!! 😛