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  1. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Home turf espionage. Why not?

  2. Hans
    Hans at |

    Knowing flight loads of competitors is a straightup business advantage. I’m amazed it doesn’t happen more. I know some of this info is available through one of the trade orgs (ARC? IATA? IATAN? GDSes?) but I don’t know what all info and what airlines participate. I just know our Lufthansa rep shows up at the office and has our booking numbers (# of tickets issued, PNRs, $$ amounts, etc) with BA/AA and DL/KL/AF, along with YOY changes. Doing a post on what info is routinely available to the airlines on competitors’ sales and loads would be extremely interesting.

  3. baccarat_guy
    baccarat_guy at |

    Only logical reason I can see, is for Delta to refute any claims from Qatar that the service is incredibly successful. I guess, if Delta can gather data that flight loads are quite low they could go up against any argument of “success” by Qatar. Of course, the question is why? Only thing I can think of is furthering the cause of anti-ME3 airline groups by providing proof carriers are operating at a substantial loss on certain routes without a concern. Not sure this really helps, or doesn’t help anyone’s cause.

  4. IKC
    IKC at |

    Delta should channel at least a fraction of their obsession with Qatar into trying to match their customer experience.

  5. James Byrd
    James Byrd at |

    Airlines have been doing this for decades!

  6. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    Of course it’s petty. And airlines have engaged in ‘competitive intelligence’ (sic) like this for decades. Who cares if Delta wants to spend/waste money with a headcount/catering count?

  7. Elsie
    Elsie at |

    I’m traveling soon traveling soon ATL-DOH….. I’l make a point to say “don’t forrget me and I’m in J”

  8. Abner Finley
    Abner Finley at |

    Most all or some US carriers have been doing this for a while. Nothing new.

  9. Darcy R
    Darcy R at |

    @IKC, that’s exactly right, forget their useless counting of pax loads. It’s what’s inside Qatar’s aircraft that counts. Fools at Delta; they don’t get it. People fly Qatar and other carriers because of the hard and soft product offered. Maybe Delta’s CEO ought to take a hop in Qatar, he may find himself screaming ‘Count me in!’.

  10. Tim
    Tim at |

    I flew on Qatar airways in June and both the outbound and return flights were full. We still had to wait for 40 minutes on the tarmac until there was a gate for the 777. Delta holding up the plane. The service was great, the entertainment was very extensive. The flight was much cheaper than Delta by 60%. I’m a gold medallion member, but if I had a choice, I would not choose Delta.

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  12. Tom
    Tom at |

    I don’t see the big deal with Delta counting passengers on other airlines. And the camera man is an ass. Poor lady just doing her job.

  13. Mickey in PDX
    Mickey in PDX at |

    @Tom, agreed on the comment of camera man. Lady gave him a smile, which was more than he deserved.

    “move along, nothing to see here, move along”

  14. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Just buy the IATA data and be done. Costs on 8500$/yr, im sure DL has a bulk discount.

    The data LH reps have is based on IATA data analysis of that particular IATA office I’d associated to the travel agent / corporate travel office. Your office has to agree to that as part of contracts.

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