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  1. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    It seems many of the major airlines are in a state of expansion. If so, is there really enough demand out there to keep filling these new seats?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The bigger airlines are not expanding; they’re holding steady or shrinking. JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines (an exception, as they are big already), Alaska Airlines & Virgin America are growing. United, American Airlines and Delta not so much.

      And there is not sufficient demand at higher fares to fill the seats. Revenue per available seat mile is down for most everyone. Filling the seats is relatively easy if you cut prices enough. But getting good numbers is harder.

  2. Corey
    Corey at |

    If they get mint on BOS-SJC, BOS-SEA, and BOS-SFO and also introduce LHR or even STN, and if it’s less than double the economy price, I’m going all in. I’m only sticking with AA EXP for the London upgrades.

  3. brteacher
    brteacher at |

    Given that they already interline with them, would an expanded agreement with Icelandair make sense, with adding flights to KEF to connect to all of Europe?

  4. Rob
    Rob at |

    Remember the the 321 NEO LR is, according to Airbus going to have a 100 mile longer operational range than the 757. If that hold true it will mean a lot more than just Ireland and England. Those could be done easily with a 321NEO.

  5. Max M
    Max M at |

    Would love to see JetBlue expand into Canada, and start Mint Service either on JFK-YVR, and/or BOS-YVR.

    Though if B6 did JFK-YVR, they’d go head-to-head with Cathay Pacific on the route.

  6. zo
    zo at |

    B6 flights to Barcelona, Stansted and Paris would be an absolute dream!