American woos very premium passengers in Hollywood

From special menus and special reservations handling to special flights added to the schedule American Airlines is keen to listen to Hollywood. So much so that the company established a Council on Entertainment with 30 or so representatives from the industry to help shape policies focused on keeping stars happy flying on AA. And, yes, the group has serious pull.

Take, for example, the second daily flight between Los Angeles and Toronto set to fly for a week in early September. The Toronto International Film Festival is on during that period and there is increased demand on for service to get some high level folks between the two cities. Apparently the demand is sufficiently premium that American can put its A321T premium transcon aircraft on for that flight. And it looks like a lot of the business and first class seats are sold suggesting that the company will make money on the deal.

That's a sold out first class cabin on the extra A321T AA flight put in for the Toronto Film Festival.
That’s a sold out first class cabin on the extra A321T AA flight put in for the Toronto Film Festival.

Other benefits arranged by the group include a dedicated, 24×7 reservations desk to handle high-profile passengers and what is described by the LA Times as “private reservations numbers” to ensure that other AA employees cannot snoop on them to see who is traveling where and when.

Of course, AA isn’t the only airline catering to the Hollywood Jet Set. Delta Air Lines unveiled its super-VIP service as part of terminal renovations completed in mid-2015. Departing travelers have access to a dedicated curb-side lounge behind frosted glass and direct access to security lanes. On arrival travelers can arrange private car transfers from the plane directly to a secret, underground garage on Century Boulevard, avoiding the paparazzi gauntlet outside the terminal. With its planned move to the other side of the airport Delta will have to repeat this investment to keep the service on offer.

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  1. My neighbor sometimes does Purser duty on the A321 between JFK and LAX. As a 30-year FA on AA, she says it’s just an amazing experience all around. AA did really good.

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