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  1. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    these are great. A lot of reps were already very flexible in terms of schedule changes, but making it official definitely helps.

  2. Jonathan Khoo
    Jonathan Khoo at |

    do these only apply to corporate TA bookings? or for everyone? no UA bookings, but curious because i like these changes!

  3. John Dekker
    John Dekker at |

    Seth… really nothing new from UAL for most TA’s here. United allowing agents to reissue for weather delays is just catching up to what DL and AA have offered for some time.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Big change is that many of the reissue rules no longer require calling in to get approval. Absolutely just catching up with the others but it is an improvement on UA’s policies.

    2. Christopher Spitler
      Christopher Spitler at |

      definitely helps me out… i usually skip my TA and go straight to UA but this will let me continue to use the TA…

    3. John Dekker
      John Dekker at |

      Just wish we could have the “EMPOWERED” days back!

    4. Marty R. Paz
      Marty R. Paz at |

      So a non ta booked 30 minute schedule change is insufficient for a reroute – that is still 2 hours?

  4. Explore
    Explore at |

    So is there any change here that benefits individual travelers that book through UA – maybe elite members?

  5. Sheila Finch
    Sheila Finch at |

    “Business friendly” + “United” = Oxymoron.

  6. Ben
    Ben at |

    Does this apply to flights on other airlines ticketed on UA stock? And do you know if this applies to schedule changes way in advance or just IROPs?