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  1. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    For your birthday!

  2. unavaca
    unavaca at |

    Would be interesting to see the vote counts broken by sUA/sCO.

    I can’t imagine that ever being made public.

  3. Chris Luth
    Chris Luth at |

    The terms look generous. What did the 47% who didn’t vote yes have against it?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      No signing bonus and no back-pay were some of the divisive issues. There were also sporadic reports of each side believing the other was favored in the final agreement, fanning the flames of history.

      I’m sure there were other bits, too.

    2. Oliver Trojak
      Oliver Trojak at |

      No retro, dang. Was there any boost in hourly pay while out of contract?