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  1. David Fisher
    David Fisher at |

    I keep hoping B6 adds more destinations from Washington, DC.

  2. James Garrett
    James Garrett at |

    B6 is slot restricted at DCA and pulled out of IAD a few years ago. I wouldn’t expect much growth.

    1. David Fisher
      David Fisher at |

      The DCA response makes sense but they still fly out of IAD to JFK and BOS.

  3. Holly Resnick
    Holly Resnick at |

    Erin Matt

  4. Margery Miller Shanoff
    Margery Miller Shanoff at |

    Oh I hope there’s one between DC and atl.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Not yet. 🙁

    2. Benjamin Miller
      Benjamin Miller at |

      Me too!

  5. Bruce Kane
    Bruce Kane at |

    I’ve flown B6 three times. Once to try them out for CLT-JFK-SEA and again for CLT-BOS-CLT. Fine airline but they absolutely don’t work for my itineraries that are mostly around DC/MD/VA.