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  1. Adam
    Adam at |

    “Should Copa seal the deal the market dynamics would also shift essentially consolidating the Colombian market back down to a single carrier”

    What about LATAM Colombia (formerly LAN Colombia)? There would then be two airlines, LATAM Colombia and Avianca/Copa

  2. George
    George at |

    This post is lacking some more information to get to a right conclusion.

  3. Phoenix
    Phoenix at |

    Seth: any possibility a European, Chinese, or Middle East carrier buys into Avianca? HNA/Hainan has more cash than they know what to do with, Etihad loves a reclamation project, and a cross-Atlantic dance partner for IAG’s Iberia or TAP Portugal could be appealing if the price is right.

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  5. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    No matter who buys Avianca, we can kiss those cheap Lifemiles sales goodbye.