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  1. Julian
    Julian at |

    What do you expect Crooked H to do? Criminals always try to cover their tracks

  2. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    Curious…and I have no idea whatsoever the answer:

    Is Mr. Trump’s 757 trackable on those same sites?

  3. Jon
    Jon at |

    Criminals? It’s called security, you doofus.

  4. Julie
    Julie at |

    Moline is actually in Illinois. You may want to edit your post.

  5. Arguendo
    Arguendo at |
    1. Keith Murray
      Keith Murray at |

      Yeah he mentions CXP881 in his post, just says it isn’t sure we will have those flight numbers to go with the reg number going forward. But yes, she got to Cleveland just fine 🙂

  6. Dayone
    Dayone at |

    The plane was “pulled from storage,” but it was extensively updated, New slimline seats, divided into four cabins, and in-flight wi-fi.

  7. DavidB
    DavidB at |

    Both candidates have secret service protection os it makes sense that their flight paths and filings should be blocked just as is the case with AF1 and the rest of the executive fleet. If not, then there’s a significant gap in security.

  8. Bill
    Bill at |

    No WIFI??? And the freakin’ cellphones all failed too!!!

  9. Dan
    Dan at |

    Trackable on ADSBexchange.com