ANA’s free wifi offering for new US routes

Want free wifi on your next trip to Japan? ANA’s got that on offer, though the T&Cs limit the utility of the promotion a bit.

ANA's free wifi promo details
ANA’s free wifi promo details

The new routes between Haneda and Chicago or New York City are the target of the promotion with travelers on the flight between now and 31 March 2017. Passengers who purchase a premium cabin fare (premium economy, business class or first class) directly from ANA’s US website will receive a code for free access to the service during their trip. Full details on the promo are available from the carrier.

I love the idea of comp’d service for premium cabin customers (Aer Lingus & Icelandair offer it for their business class passengers on all flights) and the promo is a good opportunity to trial such an offering. And if it pushes a few premium cabin purchases to a direct booking rather than an OTA or travel agent where a commission gets paid then it is a very, very good investment by the carrier. And limiting it to only the premium cabin passengers should mean that the service does not get overloaded by customers, stressing the system so much as to make the service quality awful. Though given that it is L-band service in the first place it doesn’t take much to make the service quality pretty bad anyways.


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