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  1. Christina Tuff Saull
    Christina Tuff Saull at |

    As someone who lives 2 mins from DCA, and whose house these west bound long haul flights fly over (thanks to Nextgen, it’s only the west coast flights…), this doesn’t make me happy. The parameter rule exists for a reason and DCA doesn’t have the capacity to handle this. The airport is a mess and way too crowded.

    Ok, rant over.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The perimeter rule exists to support Dulles, same as the LGA/JFK split. DCA can handle the aircraft and the frequencies just fine. The terminals are more crowded as more airlines are bringing larger planes in but part of that is because of the slot restrictions; airlines have to use larger planes to meet passenger demand.

      I understand the NIMBY view but that doesn’t make it a good answer in the bigger picture.

    2. Christina Tuff Saull
      Christina Tuff Saull at |

      Seth Miller The crowding in terminals and at TSA (well, non PreCheck) at DCA is not good pax ex. Furthermore, I’ve never flown out before 10am that the line to taxi doesn’t look like LGA – always have taxiing delays. Regardless of the planes flying over my house, they have to deal with capacity (both people in the terminal and planes on the Tarmac) better. If they’re making improvements, they’re either not visible or not working.

      That being said, my west coast business trips are much happier on a DCA-SEA route! And I’ve never been to LA and for $500… Let’s go!

      1. Dave C
        Dave C at |

        If you’re happy to have a convenient SEA link, why rant about new flights? If you protested DCA service and only flew out of IAD, then complain away. Same goes for Next Gen – next time you’re on a flight delayed due to ATC, ask yourself if it’s worth it to have a few west coast jets fly over your house in order to get you home on time. Sorry (not sorry), but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. 🙂

    3. Steven
      Steven at |

      This is trading one existing flight for another, so it’s not changing the number of daily departures or arrivals at all. The existing SLC flight probably goes right over your house already. And, I hate to say it, virtually everyone who lives near the airport moved in long after the airport was already there. Don’t like airplane noise? Don’t live near the airport. It’s not like DCA was built after you had already bought a house.

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