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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    great post Seth. rental car companies are a necessary evil, at least for now, but Avis/Budget is the worst of the 3 major U.S. companies. i’ve had “incidents” while renting from all 3, and while they all can be mean-spirited, Avis is disorganized to a unique and terrifying degree. stay away!

  2. Avis Car Rental
    Avis Car Rental at |

    What happened Seth? Please let us know if we can assist.

    1. Gary Leff
      Gary Leff at |

      Umm maybe read the post you’re responding to??

  3. Gary Leff
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  4. Tom
    Tom at |

    But maybe some customers want the convenience of paying more for their rental by default?

  5. David Conklin
    David Conklin at |

    I have written to Avis before about this nonsense.

  6. Hick K Son
    Hick K Son at |

    Glad you’re bringing additional light to this. They don’t listen to the regular joe.

  7. rjb
    rjb at |

    I think Hertz in Dublin Ireland wins the prize for screwing their customers. Even though I had insurance for the rental car with my personal policy as well as with primary coverage from a Chase card and I had proof of insurance, Hertz assess a 25 euro “administrative” charge if you decline their ridiculously overpriced LDW/CDW. They also assess a 5 euro fee for paying with a credit card. To top it all off, they add 20% VAT on top of both fees. When I complained that none of this was disclosed in my reservation prior to rental, they cited a line in the fine print that states the “Total does not include any additional items you may select…” Obviously, I did not “select” admin fees or credit card charges willingly. Hertz blames the local franchisee, Chase Visa won’t charge it back because I “agreed” to the charges by renting the car. Total rip off. At least you can choose the currency with Avis. I had no choice with Hertz – Dublin.

  8. James Byrd
    James Byrd at |

    I’m getting so tired of rental car companies. They are becoming almost as bad as Comcast! I have weekly rentals with Budget but will be changing to Avis. I know they are the same company but with Deloitte we can only book Avis or Budget. I have about 20 Budget bucks and every time I go to use one they almost make up their own rules for why they can’t be used. Tired of it!

  9. Cory DuBose
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