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  1. desikid
    desikid at |

    I have upcoming flight on Christmas eve from LAX to SJD.. I hope the flight does not get cancelled… If it gets cancelled, then my room cost at IHG hotel will be waste…

  2. Hans Mast
    Hans Mast at |

    Maybe the Mexicans are gonna make Southwest and American pay for the wall.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I believe that political retribution is a distinct possibility in this case (and mention it in the story). I think things could get (even more) ugly in a hurry.

      1. Pam
        Pam at |

        More ugly as in what???

    2. Jim Pirigyi
      Jim Pirigyi at |

      Say China and Boeing perhaps?

  3. Pam
    Pam at |

    Seth, I posted on FlyerTalk the beginning of November with a thread on this issue. Every day since Nov. 4, AA has been canceling these flights. I have called AA several times and at first I was informed the flights were cancelled due to weather. Hahaha. I hold a ticket for this route in February and am still trying to get answers from American. As I am flying using miles, it does not appear that AA will reroute me. And I’m unclear if I would be granted a cancellation without penalty. My dates are not flexible, so my alternative is Aeromexico or United with a much worse schedule. I’d love to know exactly what the holdup is so that I can decide to push for canceling – or wait it out.

    AA continued to sell tickets into last week, canceling flights on a daily basis. Currently they have pulled the route through January, but tickets are still being sold for February dates.

  4. Tim
    Tim at |

    Most MX government agencies have effectively shut down for the holidays after today. While that doesn’t explain past inaction, I’d be surprised if anything is forthcoming between now and the new year.

  5. Pam
    Pam at |

    Seth, you mention that “It does not appear that the government agency is responding to any requests at all from US carriers right now.”

    But according to Southwest Airlines, they are “optimistic that our close work with local authorities in Mexico will have us operating these newly added flights between Mexico and the U.S. very soon.”

    I feel like these carriers are just stringing passengers along with their fingers crossed, but if the Mexican government is really not responding, this does not bode well for anyone holding tickets.

  6. Austin
    Austin at |

    Looks like they’ve been reinstated starting tomorrow for Southwest. Not sure whether the route authorities have been issued or not.

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  8. KJC
    KJC at |

    Last night I returned from Puerto Vallarta. Things seemed to a bit of a challenge before leaving the airport. We returned to Santa Anna.