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  1. Patrick Le Quere
    Patrick Le Quere at |

    “The irony of the US potentially losing access to pre-clearance facilities on foreign soil as it claims to be strengthening the borders is hard to miss.” And, we have a winner… Spot on, Seth.

  2. WR
    WR at |

    I understand you are used to Obama’s style of leadership (or lack thereof), his doctrine being bend over backwards for everyone lest we offend or upset them. Who cares about Iran, they hate us regardless of our policy, if you haven’t figure that out yet. But Ireland? Ha! They would be wise not to poke the bear. You have a lot more to lose if Trump decides to shut down the Irish corporate tax avoidance schemes, as well as your airlines using said tax advantage and access to our airports to operate as a major US-Europe low cost hub.

    1. Oliver
      Oliver at |

      It is fairly well documented that “they” (Iranians) generally don’t hate the US, despite sanctions and demonization. Google is your friend. E.g., http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/foreign-policy/240821-iranians-like-america-we-should-take-advantage

      That, of course, is easily changed with stupid measures like the one discussed here. And that will make us a lot “safer” (alternative fact).

  3. Shindig
    Shindig at |

    Amen to WR’s remarks. Trump did exactly what he said he would do so why the sudden onset of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth?

    1. Matt
      Matt at |

      The disproportionate outrage further highlights the disconnect between the leftists and the American electorate. The unrelenting opposition will tire and run out of sponsors, along with an audience.

  4. Garrett Hartsuyker
    Garrett Hartsuyker at |

    Sources in the White House describe the order as a last minute, impulsive, and frankly reckless act. Mr. President, please plan your policies as a chess game, and not checkers.

    1. Oliver
      Oliver at |

      Wanna bet we are going to see a whole lot more of those “well thought out and implemented” actions over the next four years?

  5. turgutbey
    turgutbey at |

    Thank you Seth for continuing to use your blog to talk about these disastrous policies.

  6. Seth Miller
    Seth Miller at |

    Looks like Ireland is making a move. Late this afternoon Ireland-time the government announced it would undertake a “complete review” of the pre-clearance situation. It also confirmed that one passenger was denied clearance at Dublin since the EO took effect but did not offer any further details.

    1. Oliver
      Oliver at |

      Canada next?

  7. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Thank you Seth for staying on top of this. A lot of ‘checkers pieces’ in motion at one time.

  8. Nick
    Nick at |

    Obama kept the peace in Israel, I suspect Trump will mess up things badly there.

  9. travlermb
    travlermb at |

    Comrade Twitter Troll has, with the stroke of a pen, made it more dangerous for we Americans to travel abroad.

    1. Henry Kissinger
      Henry Kissinger at |

      Who are We? I can go wherever I wish, and if necessary “with an escort” .

    2. Henry Kissinger
      Henry Kissinger at |

      You’re the total trolls who for years set up one set of rules , and moved the slide rule, onto the next, here comes the slide.

      That little Morris Day and the Time slide you do just slid your ass right out into oblivion.

      Join your predecessors.

      ExPatriate. For the good of us all.

      Yeah like there’s not a huge number of folks living abroad , maintaining dual passports and then funding their
      People Corporations through PAC donations.

      Ooooh it’s awful, If I go to Iran I won’t be able to use the services… Well unless I was Ahnold and a full military escort there’s no way my dumb arse would be in Iran…. Morons.

  10. Jake from MSP
    Jake from MSP at |

    Thank you for speaking out for what is right Seth.

    Politics aside, this EO is morally unjustifiable.