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  1. Fred
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    Do fuck off you miserable cunt. Class action status for those outside the country? They have no rights you miserable cock gobbler.

    1. Anthony Parr
      Anthony Parr at |

      Fred. You probably would have been one of the nazi soldiers just following orders at a concentration camp had you been born in a different place at a different time.

    2. Ron
      Ron at |

      @ Fred

      Is this really necessary? What position do you support and what is the reasoning behind it? Honest and well-meaning people can have very different views.

      @ Anthony

      Uh … not any better.

  2. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    This crazy real time breaking news drama is just insane, amazing, I can’t believe the level of drama and intensity of personal effects it had. This is the new world.

  3. Nate
    Nate at |

    Thank you for your commentary on this. It’s disgusting that people are talking about their neiman Marcus portal claw backs while travelers rights are being stripped. I’m disappointed but not surprised

  4. Fuck off Fred
    Fuck off Fred at |

    Suck my dick Fred, hope you die in a fire.

  5. Ivan Acosta
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  6. Dayone
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    Please delete the profane posts. Trolls don’t deserve a voice.

    1. DaveS
      DaveS at |

      I completely agree. I know you welcome posts that disagree with you, but vulgar, profane posts delegitimize this as a forum for thoughtful discussion, whatever their views.

      Let’s hope the courts play their role and aren’t intimidated by a would-be Putin figure wanting to make end runs around the laws and Constitution.

  7. Andy
    Andy at |

    Hey Fred, you uneducated, rude, racist Trump supporter with no compassion, no soul or decency… please understand this…

    By your words it is clear you are a pathetic loser angry at the world because for sure you have NOONE that loves you or respects you, that you have to lash out at humanity. You are the very personification of what is wrong with the world.

    You’re truly pathetic. It will be the best for the planet that you go away very soon.

  8. Anthony Parr
    Anthony Parr at |

    Seth Miller..: you have my total support. Please keep the posts coming. #resist

  9. Rick
    Rick at |

    This is a great first step. This executive order was shameful, and I hope it is found to be illegal. A

    And hoping not to wake up to ranting tweets from the Donald about “crooked unAmerican judges”!

  10. Jean
    Jean at |

    Seth, I understand your concern & passion, but I am disappointed that your site seems to have evolved into a social & political commentary.
    Please consider deleting the vulgar posts. Thx.

    1. Ed Murrow
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  11. Ed
    Ed at |

    Seth, reason we all play the miles, points, Manufactured Spending, gift card reselling is because we can travel the world for free (almost free) and in luxury (first class) Travel allows us to visit other countries, understand different cultures, people. So your social & political commentary is really important and allows us all to look at the big picture.

  12. Ed Murrow
    Ed Murrow at |

    Normally I prefer that travel blogs steer clear of political commentary. But this is not normal times. We’re on the brink of a global calamity, and those of us who are sane must speak out constantly.

    1. Ron
      Ron at |

      @ Ed

      A bit over the top, eh?

      I, too, generally prefer my travel readings to be devoid of political commentary, but this is relevant from a travel perspective.

      Not normal times … global calamity … inferring others with a differing viewpoint are not sane? I’m not sure that these are totally rational assertions.

      Nothing wrong with vigilance, whether the government is on the left, right, or somewhere in between.

  13. Susan DeBruhl
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  14. WR
    WR at |

    One activist judge is brooklyn changes nothing. Foreigners not in the US don’t have constitutional rights.

  15. cmk
    cmk at |

    Like Trump says Americans will determine who can enter the country, not those globalists or illegal aliens. How else are the ones following the rule rewarded?

  16. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson at |

    This ban on green card holders and people with visas is un-American. And as a traveler, I expect my life will become more difficult as other countries reciprocate with bans of their own.

    I have wondered what I would have done had I been living in Germany in 1938. Would I have been smart enough to leave before I became a target?

  17. david
    david at |

    Seth while at best this executive order was incompetently thought out, don’t you think the outrage is a bit selective? Where were you and most of the rest of the outraged when we implemented regime change in Libya with no authorization from congress? The fact that it even occurred after the lesson Bush taught is simply mind boggling. So was the lack of push back against Obama.

  18. Maureen
    Maureen at |

    Thanks Seth, for posting info on the immigrant visa issues arising since DJT’s crazy pronouncement on Friday. The changes being enacted in just 1 week are definitely not the America I voted for, & if you can, ignore or block the bigots, at least from your blog, if not your life.

  19. summer
    summer at |

    your post is very relevant to our travel since other countries will no doubt reciprocate … please keep such information coming. as for the stay, it’s only for seven days and allows them to remain in a holding facility, not enter the US … still, it’s a start. @ fred: please tell us you’re not a real person

  20. Rick
    Rick at |

    There is still a lot we don’t know, but what we do know is that someone is not telling the truth about this travel ban.

    Rudy Giuliani told the press that Trump asked him to devise a way to make a Muslim ban legal, and he says he headed up a team that created this executive order.

    Spokespeople for the White House tell a different tale tonight.

    Who is telling the truth?

    Considering the amazing quantity that White House staff have been leaking to reporters, we may very well know in the next day or two.

    Appalling governance, but fascinating, too.

    It usually takes years for a President to reach the low level of popularity that Trump has managed to reach in just 8 days! Well done, Mr. President!