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  1. howie ray
    howie ray at |

    Been going on since Juno was launched. Juno is 100x better to drivers and customers.

  2. Amol Koldhekar
    Amol Koldhekar at |

    Love Juno. Better cars and cheaper fares (though their extended promo is largely the reason of that)

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Same cars IME in NYC because it is the same drivers with the same fleet. Each driver is just part of multiple dispatch systems.

  3. Alexandra Green
    Alexandra Green at |

    Yes!! I always use Juno for personal trips/when I’m in New York.

  4. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    “at no additional cost to you.” ? what a blatant lie.

  5. Greg Char
    Greg Char at |

    Any benefit to you if I click the link in your blog to enroll? Happy to support you…

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Nope. No affiliate link there. Just sharing an interesting experience.

    2. Greg Char
      Greg Char at |

      Thanks for sharing the information about this alternative.

  6. Pinky
    Pinky at |

    You live in NYC. Juno drivers have been recruiting passengers from day one. That is their business model. Passengers can’t refer other passengers.

    The New Yorker even wrote an article on their business model.


    Not sure why this is news/blog-worthy?

    Personally, I used to use Juno when they had a 35% discount promo and their prices beat the competition, but now that the discount is down to 10% I find (I fare-shop when requesting rides) that they are more expensive. I mostly use GETT (flat fee, no Surge) and Via (yes, it’s a ride-share but unlike UberPool, they don’t pack people in cars, it’s all high-end cars and they don’t drive out of their way to p/up or drop off and you can’t beat the price. Also no eating food or talking on phones. And they will take the FDR or West Side Hwy so it’s quick). I rarely use Uber or Lyft these days bc of their business practices and ridiculous surge fares. It’s been a while since I have used Juno but they were good.

  7. omg
    omg at |

    Uber is a massively unethical company that steals from drivers, taxpayers, cities, underinsures riders, and looks to be defrauding investors by claiming to have workable self driving cars on the near horizon. They are also engaged in tax avoidance.

    Maybe you should care what sort of company is driving you around.

    I assume you are not a totally unethical individual.

    Do you insist on cage free chickens, do you eat veal, do you indiscriminately pollute, do you disdain Walmart for how it underpays employees, do you buy phones assembled by workers committing suicide?

    What is your major malfunction dude?

  8. omg
    omg at |

    Oh yeah, they have paid fines to the FTC for misleading ads, and their Chicago lobbyist was finded $90,000 for breaking the law.

    In other countries, Uber’s allowing drivers to take cash has ended with assaults, robberies, and murders.

    In the US, Uber’s distracting app has led to terrible accidents including the death of a six year old female pedestrian.

    Please tell me man that you are not okay with this.

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  10. Dan Hammer
    Dan Hammer at |