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  1. Simon Prickett
    Simon Prickett at |

    @UnitedFlyerHD Good news – love a 757 trip.

  2. TJ Wheeler
    TJ Wheeler at |

    They have no replacement. They are getting a little “TIRED”

  3. Marc Livolsi
    Marc Livolsi at |

    @KDENZDV_Feeds Loved flying it. Glad they’re still here

  4. Jim Pirigyi
    Jim Pirigyi at |

    Oh how I miss the p.s. exit row

  5. James K.
    James K. at |

    I get that sales had essentially stopped back when Boeing ended the line, but they sure misjudged the future market

  6. Glen
    Glen at |

    Boeing should started a 757 replacement program about 10 years ago or maybe even more. But course they made such a mess of the 787 and I know there losing money on that program. Even though they won’t admit and use “interesting”accounting processes to cover up the losses. Airbus seem to be on to a winner with the A321LR but as you say it doesn’t work for everyone. Boeing really is losing out on a market that should be leading in.

  7. Gary Cohen
    Gary Cohen at |

    Which are both better than SMI/J