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  1. Mark Blacknell
    Mark Blacknell at |

    @e_russell Is that going to be enough to fix the place? It’s an embarrassment.

  2. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    Part of that sounds like it was written on Madison Avenue rather than in London 🙁

    “Immersive” retail operations?

    What’s that? Bobbing for apples you buy?

    I hope the customers don’t try to use the new power ports before fully drying themselves off from their immersion.

  3. David Conklin
    David Conklin at |

    The lounges definitely need some help at JFK

  4. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    The problem(s) with T7 are the low ceilings and narrow walkways – from the drawings it seems that neither will be solved. So it’s really $65mm to apply lipstick on a pig.

    (speaking as someone who traverses T7 at least 3-4 times a year)

  5. Ken
    Ken at |

    The 20 flights a day probably include Open Sky flights to Paris and possibly Iberia flights as well I’m guessing.

  6. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    Not impressed at all. Maybe I am overly picky but I don’t see how this is going to significantly improve the experience aside from the lounges.

    Open and airy terminals are the way to go – T7 cannot be saved in this regard.

  7. iflyplaces
    iflyplaces at |

    Not sure if I missed it but any mention of improved premium security checkpoint? That line gets pretty long sometimes

  8. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    That terminal needs all the help it can get.

  9. airman
    airman at |

    Hi Seth – the 20 flights per day refers to BA, Open Skies, Iberia and other customer airlines at T7 such as ANA, Icelandair, Qantas, Ukraine International, Interjet and more.

  10. George
    George at |

    The 20 flights per day refers to flights between London and New York as markets, not airports, so it includes BA flights to JFK and Newark.