Norwegian heads east: Singapore next

Norwegian 787 image courtesy of the airline (CC-SA)

Norwegian is headed to Singapore. The carrier will launch service from its London Gatwick hub to the Asian city-state on 28 September 2017, flying 4x weekly to Changi airport. The service will increase to 5x weekly with the Winter 17 IATA season that starts in late October. Introductory fares start at 179 GBP one-way in economy and 699 GBP in the company’s Premium cabin. The new service is the second destination Norwegian will serve in Asia, adding to its longstanding Bangkok service.

The Singapore service faces competition from British Airways and Singapore Airlines, with a combined six daily flights between the two from London’s Heathrow airport to Singapore split between A380s and 777s. That is significant capacity already in the market such that Norwegian’s addition is not massive, but at the low price end of the market it could be enough to poach some customers. Perhaps more significant is the Premium offering. Norwegian’s forward cabin sits in between the Business Class and Premium Economy offerings of the incumbent carriers, with significant space but not a true flat-bed. If the pricing holds near what BA and SQ are charging for their Premium Economy seats it could be a particularly compelling option in that segment.

The route is the first to Asia from London and the first long-haul route to be operated by the Norwegian UK subsidiary. The 787 Dreamliner aircraft flying the route will be UK-registered and staffed from the airline’s Gatwick crew base. Prior long-haul expansion at Gatwick focused heavily on service to the United States. The company currently flies from London to Boston, New York, Oakland, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles. Seattle and Denver service launch later this year. Diversifying away from the US market into other parts of the world makes a certain amount of sense for the rapidly growing carrier.

Header image: Norwegian 787 image courtesy of the airline (CC-SA)

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  1. I think this’ll do really well; incredible volume of traffic between the UK and Singapore, with SQ operating 2x 777-300ER and 2x A380, and BA operating 1x A380 and 1x 777-300ER (I think)

    1. You are correct on the current capacity. That’s a ton of lift in the market but adding 1500 seats a week shouldn’t be too awful for yields or demand.

      I really think that the Norwegian Premium cabin has a chance to shine on this route, especially if they can keep the price near what BA/SQ charge for the PremY cabin on their planes.

    2. this airline are getting a big following, I know so many people who’ve used them to fly to the US from here, especially to and from California — god knows where they’ll be in five years from now

  2. as an aside, I don’t know why LGW is considered low yield and only worthy of flights to the beach et al — it’s in the middle of Surrey and Sussex, the UK’s richest two counties, and for some parts (eg Brighton) LHR is hours away

    1. I landed at Heathrow after SXSW this year to yet again suffer disruption on every leg of my journey back home to Brighton. It took over three hours and at that point I promised myself that I would forever more always do the US via NY on Norwegian from Gatwick. Now I just need to raise the cash for the shopping stopover!

  3. Quote:
    “Norwegian’s forward cabin sits in between the Business Class and Premium Economy offerings of the incumbent carriers, with significant space but not a true flat-bed”

    Could be a bit misleading, it’s nowhere near a bed and more of a recliner. There’s a footrest and it’s actually quite wide. See this pic from ARN-LAX in May 2014

    1. All this said, I found the seat to be fantastic for a daytime flight. Significant space and decent movie selection. But what I remember most was the amazing views of Greenland

    2. I agree. I think it was the words “not a true flat-bed” that I mentally flagged as a bit misleading, as if it was implying an angle-bed.

      I haven’t flown PremY on any carrier other than SAS.

    1. It will definitely be interesting. I’m curious to hear your take on it. I’m aiming to fly back from Ireland in July on the new service but still finalizing details.

    2. Will definitely let you know. Aside from the convenience factor, the flight was order of magnitude cheaper than flying out of the city, and included baggage and food. And our rental car through Norwegian was 1/4 the price of other Ireland rentals. I’ll take it every day!

  4. Anyone know which Terminal at SIN and which lounge included in Premium rate? Its the No 1at LGW which is ok. Could be very useful as a one way.

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