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  1. howie ray
    howie ray at |

    This has been tried before by the likes of CO which even started filing thru-fares with US Helicopters.

  2. Albert C. Lee
    Albert C. Lee at |

    Plane to FBO is the only real gap. FBO shuttle already takes you to terminal, no need for $250 in xfers there.

  3. Joey
    Joey at |

    That sucks that using this service won’t let you inside security upon arrival at JFK. I’d use this service upon arriving at JFK, but I doubt I’d do this for going to JFK.

  4. Mike Denoff
    Mike Denoff at |

    What part of their business model differs from US Helicopter?

    1. Mike Denoff
      Mike Denoff at |

      CO even included the helicopter as part of BusinessFirst fares. I believe Delta did as well from JFK.

  5. Seth Miller
    Seth Miller at |

    Clearly neither of you guys read the story where I talked about all those details. 😉

    It is very different from the USH operation. Blade is working as a charter booking service, not an operator, and this partnership only applies to pax who book an on-demand (i.e. charter a whole aircraft) helo transfer.

  6. Cynthia Drescher
    Cynthia Drescher at |

    Did the USH $99 deal from Wall Street to JFK way back when. More like a 7-min ride if Blade wants to be real about it