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  1. Matt Morgan
    Matt Morgan at |

    Rumors I’m hearing is that it’s coming soon.

  2. secstate
    secstate at |

    The NY Times reporting on this is consistent with what Brojan is saying:

    “The official added that the homeland security secretary, John F. Kelly, could impose the measure in the next several days or weeks.”


    But yeah I don’t know who or what to believe at this point.

  3. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    Who knows what to believe anymore?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Indeed. The confusion is already creating problems. Even if no ban is implemented the impact is real. Almost caused me to scrap one trip. Still considering scrapping a second.

    2. Steven Sullivan
      Steven Sullivan at |

      I’m not scrapping anything, but it certainly has made me think about how we would handle it should a ban happen, or even worse, happen while on a trip. At the very least, I want to have a plan for dealing with it should it happen, whether that be for Europe, or any other place in the world. Or, God forbid, domestic flights.

  4. Poley King
    Poley King at |

    my bet it’s just a continuance so the airlines have more time to prepare.

  5. HeathrowGuy
    HeathrowGuy at |

    If the nature of the threat is in line with today’s USA Today reporting, an expanded ban is likely inevitable.


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  7. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Sorry if I missed another post that covers this, but assuming a ban along the lines of the current middle-east airport ban is announced for all international travel (I can’t see a reason to only cover Europe travel), how would that impact your travel decisions? Would you just carry on with a Pelican case? Reduce your travel to essential trips? Go naked (without electronics)? Take the train/bus/ship?

  8. Hetal Bhatt
    Hetal Bhatt at |
  9. DebbieT
    DebbieT at |

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Homeland Security felt confident enough in their Known Traveler Program or Global Entry to exempt those passengers from these restrictions? And an added bonus would be to boost participation in those programs. But of course, that’s *if* they have enough confidence…..

    1. Oliver
      Oliver at |

      How would that work for international travel? Why would the French exempt Global Entry card holders from any electronics ban on CDG-JFK, for example, given that French citizens generally wouldn’t be eligible for Global Entry? And would the DHS trust any other country’s trusted traveler program?

  10. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    Who the hell knows? This story, posted just a few minutes ago, says it still might go even broader, to ALL (incoming intl flights to the USA), but that the US has agreed to give the EU ample warning before final implementation. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/18/us-looks-at-extending-laptop-ban-to-all-flights.html

    1. Keith Murray
      Keith Murray at |

      Leading me to this awful Devil’s Advocate question: If this is such a big frickin and real threat as some in D.H.S. seem to think it is, what’s to stop the terrorists out there from executing it now while the powers-that-be fuss and argue about it?

      1. Oliver
        Oliver at |

        If 101 ml of a given liquid are so deadly and 100 ml of the same liquid are okay, why can two or more people traveling together each bring 100ml of said liquid? What’s going to stop the terrorists out there from, you know, combining 100ml + 100ml into 200ml of evil juice once they have passed the checkpoint?

        Or in short, logic? Seriously?

  11. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    How many more weeks until it would be extended to domestic flights? Obviously if somebody gets on a plane for the U.S. that person has proper authorization to travel to the U.S. So leave the bomb at home, fly to the U.S., buy a laptop, make it here. The irrationality of the steps being taken and potentially being taken is still mind boggling. Maybe DHS decides it’s just not safe to fly in the U.S. anymore and everybody needs to take a bus to Canada or Mexico to get on a plane.

    1. Oliver
      Oliver at |

      Then someone will decide that it is too risky to allow people to bring electronics on buses.

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