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  1. Chris Sloan
    Chris Sloan at |

    Excellent points that needed to be raised.

  2. uk
    uk at |

    Disagree on the humanitarian crisis : Qatar has a rather large, eager-to–its-extend-its-toehold-in-the-Arabian-Peninsula neighbour immediately to it’s East, namely Iran. Iran could easily sell its crops and foods to Qatar instead of Saudi Arabia. The talk of humanitarian crisis would only be true if *every* country implemented a ban on it.

  3. GUWonder
    GUWonder at |

    The Saudis and Emiratis are playing fast and dirty. The leaders of the anti-Qatar movement hate Iran, Shias,
    freedom of the press, and public demonstration movements so much that they will do and say anything to put Qatar in its place and make it a vassal state like Bahrain.

    They have been playing in the US for well more than a year to set up Qatar’s downfall. The Emiratis and Saudis have been buying/retaining whomever they could in the US that would facilitate their interests. Yousef Al-Otaiba’s leaked emails have been verified and they speak to the game that has been played in the US to try to corner Qatar and make it yield. Elliott Abrams even has sort of called for the execution of Qatar’s Emir. Qatar Airways and its passengers and employees being hit by this blockade is just collateral damage in the Saudi-Emirati game to combat Iran, Shias,
    popular movements/public demonstrations, and relative press freedom.

    While Qatar has financially supported some very nasty non-state actors, the Saudis and Emiratis are no saints either and have been supporting various extremist movements and engaging in questionable military adventurism that doesn’t follow the international norms for fighting wars and engaging in police actions.

  4. GUWonder
    GUWonder at |

    Iran is gearing up for shipping (by sea) food and water to Qatar. Sort of ironic that the Emiratis and Saudis are going to push Qatar into the arms of Iran.

    But given 40% of Qatar’s food supplies come directly by truck from Saudi Arabia, a blockade of food and other essentials goods will cause a huge increase in the prices of food and other necessities and result in a humanitarian crisis of sorts if the blockade doesn’t end or get largely and relatively cheaply circumvented somehow. Lots of the immigrant labor in Qatar cannot afford a huge increase in prices that will happen because of this.

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