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  1. Joseph May
    Joseph May at |

    You mean they just don’t line up on the runway and fly straight in whenever they get there???

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Pretty sure there is just a vertical drop from 30,000 feet once you get above the gate area. :p

    2. Joseph May
      Joseph May at |

      Oh like a helicopter. I get it then obv the pilot must have been drunk.

    3. Joseph May
      Joseph May at |

      On a more serious note, from my apartment in Queens you were able to see the approach patterns at night. The planes would look like a necklace of jewels lined up in the sky.

    4. Jim McDonough
      Jim McDonough at |

      Let’s hope she is never on a night landing at DCA.

    5. Garrett Hartsuyker
      Garrett Hartsuyker at |

      This approach is actually “fun” for most pilots. I have flown it many times and it reminds me of DCA River (south) approach.

    6. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I happen to find it fun as a passenger, too. Along with the Canarsie approach to 13L.

  2. Sean Roebuck
    Sean Roebuck at |
  3. Mike Holovacs
    Mike Holovacs at |

    I really like the professional misconduct avenue.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yeah, until it turns out she’s a random freelancer trying to appear more relevant than she really is by name-dropping the NYT bit. Someone did reach out to NYT though.

    2. Adam Sterling
      Adam Sterling at |

      Seth I heard that NYT pretty quickly said she wasn’t one of theirs.

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |


  4. David Abbey
    David Abbey at |

    Love the grampa @TheSimpsons insertion.

  5. Joseph
    Joseph at |

    Haha and this stupid bitch writes for the NYT!

  6. Steven Frischling
    Steven Frischling at |

    I don’t take it as a bizarre misunderstanding. I take it as an idiot.

  7. John Butler
    John Butler at |

    the drunk comment was out of line

  8. Gavin Werbeloff
    Gavin Werbeloff at |

    Icing on the cake: she promoted the accusatory tweet. This was an attempt to make “Drunk airline pilots” go viral that backfired spectacularly.

  9. TheSterlingTraveler
    TheSterlingTraveler at |

    One would think that after so many people that have much more credibility about this than her that she would realize she was wrong. Instead, she blocked many of those people. She also blocked me, but only after I said I was going to take away the shovel that she’s digging a hole with. 😀

  10. Scott Carmichael
    Scott Carmichael at |

    Textbook example of a troll caught in their act.

    1. Sean Roebuck
      Sean Roebuck at |

      Who Jason or Ian? ?

  11. Amitava Chatterjee
    Amitava Chatterjee at |


  12. Lew Wiezorek
    Lew Wiezorek at |

    Here’s a screenshot of the original tweet.

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  15. knick1959
    knick1959 at |

    This just shows how unfortunate it is that social media has such “power”. A perfect place for perpetuating hot air.

  16. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    If she’s looking for a new job, I hear they have some openings at CNN…

  17. goblack
    goblack at |

    I had the same thing happen to me with a taxi driver. Whenever the pilot’s kids need braces or a college fund set up, they run up the fare by adding extra miles to the flight. Thank you Ji Hyun for exposing this atrocity.

  18. Veronica Jacobs
    Veronica Jacobs at |

    You mean we don’t just give everyone direct? To land whichever runway is closest?

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