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  1. Ivan Acosta
    Ivan Acosta at |

    This is rather depressing. Austin is such a cool town with a large population, but it gets very few international flights. We are the San Diego of Texas.

  2. Mateo Mateo
    Mateo Mateo at |

    Air France is doing a one-week CDG-LAS for the CES show this year, too.

  3. Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy at |

    Interesting. AUS seems to be dominated by AA, UA, and WN. When I take early morning flights, the middle security is always a mess, and the agents say there’s no line down near Delta. Heck even the club agents say the same.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yeah, but for the handful of flights this represents it is a small deal, not a major shift in traffic. And decent feed over AMS from SkyTeam partners, I’d bet, on these trips.

  4. Rob Lipman
    Rob Lipman at |

    As the very popular BA London flight has proven, there is plenty of traffic (including premium passengers) originating and ending in AUS. Traffic drives from San Antonio to Austin to take this flight every day. Austin has a conference or festival every weekend, all year long, although SxSW is the top prize.

    I’ve been surprised we haven’t seen Lufthansa coming in to take over the Condor Route.

    Even more strange – I’ve been noticing people connecting through Austin with increasing frequency!